Not all Foam is created equal and certain grades perform better than others. We compare the quality of the different Foam grades supplied by our Canadian suppliers and only select the best quality for our customers. Foams that feel good and we can feel good about selling. 

Things to consider when picking out the right foam grade

  • Foam grades have a four-part number the first two numbers represent the density or the weight of the foam the second set of numbers represent the firmness or the feel of the foam. As a rule of thumb, the higher the numbers the higher the density and the firmer the foam.
  • The foam will feel softer when you sit on it as opposed to when you lay on it. This is due to the weight being concentrated in a smaller area verses distribution of weight over a larger surface. Choose firmness based on use, weight, and preference.
  • Keeping in mind that the thinner the foam the softer it will feel, in other words a 2” firm will feel softer that a 4” firm.  A 2” firm will feel softer when sitting on it and firmer when lying on it. Choose firmness based on application.

To Fibre or not to Fibre?

  • When ordering a new piece of foam, you will be asked whether you want to have it wrapped in fibre or not.
  • Foam Experts recommend wrapping foam in fibre.
  • Wrapping cushion in fibre or dacryon prevents the foam from rubbing or sticking to the fabric, hence prolongs the life of your foam piece.
  • It enhances the appearance of the piece, making it look fuller and less wrinkles on the cover.
  • The fibre wrap also adds to the comfort of the cushion without compromising its quality.
  • Having fibre wrapped around the foam piece does not affect the foam size you order. You do not need to adjust the foam measurements when you add fibre to your order. 

Patterns vs Pictures

  • We have all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and believe it to be true, but in this case a pattern is worth accuracy.
  • A pattern or an actual size template that will replicate exact style, look, and size of your desired outcome. 
  • If your cushion has any angles that are not 90°, you will need to provide more measurements or pattern. 

Boat Mattresses and Cushions

  • We can cut any curved shape of foam for you, the pattern shown above is just one example of a curved shape. For a quote, fill in the thickness and largest length and width of your shape.  Dimensions will be rounded to the nearest whole ″. 
  • Then prepare us a FULL SIZE paper pattern from craft paper or anything that is large enough to trace the exact size of the boat mattress or cushion.
  • Please label tapered side(s), always give top or largest measurement, for more accurate quotes.  
  • Double-check the size to make sure the pattern reflects the EXACT SIZE AND SHAPE you want.  Indicate on the pattern which side is the FRONT SIDES & TOP of your shape.
  • Some “Boat  Mattresses” are comprised of three separate cushions. The small inner cushion is centered evenly between the other two. Three separate Patterns are required.