Foam Guide

Urban Foam offers a variety of foam densities and grades from our Canadian suppliers. We compare the quality of the different foam options available and only select the best quality for our customers; foam that feels good and we can feel good about selling! To learn more about choosing the right replacement foam insert for your sofa cushion, read our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I choose the right foam density and firmness for my couch or sofa cushion? 

1. Navigate to your selected foam shape page and select a foam grade from the drop down menu.
2. Select the foam that is best suited for you based on your preference of density, firmness and budget. Keep in mind that no matter what density you select it will be much better than what you
are replacing!
3. Get to know your foam preferences first, starting with density. Once you have a preferred density, select your firmness within that density. The fitness will depend on your preference, how medium or firm you like your seat and/or back cushion.
  • For example, if you like a soft seat and are a lite weight a high density (HD) or high resilience (HR) foam in a medium firm may be for you (HR foams have the ability to bounce back up and hold up longer). Alternatively, if you have a lower back issue, a medium firm may be needed. If you are heavier with a bad lower back and prefer a firmer seat for better back support, the firm will help. 
Things to consider when selecting your firmness:
  • Since FIRMNESS IS A MATTER OF PREFERENCE we CAN NOT recommend or begin to know what is best for YOU. It’s all up to you!
  • All grades are comprised of 4 numbers; the first two represent the density or weight of the foam, and the last two represent the firmness or the feel of the foam.
  • As a rule of thumb, the higher the numbers the higher the density and the firmer the foam.
  • Foam will feel softer when sitting on it and firmer when lying on it. Choose firmness based on application.
  • Thinner foam in the same density and firmness will feel softer than thicker foam. For example, a 2” firm foam will feel softer than a 4” firm foam.

 Should I fibre-wrap my sofa cushion foam?

Before you add your custom foam cushion to your cart, you can choose whether to have it wrapped in fibre (dacron wrap) or not. Wrapping your sofa cushion in fibre or dacryon prevents the foam from rubbing or sticking to the fabric, which prolongs the life of your foam piece. Wrapping your foam cushion in fibre is recommended by foam experts.

Fibre or dacron wrap makes your cushion look fuller, reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your cushion cover, and adds extra comfort to your seating cushion.

Wrapping your cushion in fibre does not affect the measurement or size of the cushion you order. There is no need to adjust your custom foam measurements to add fibre wrap to your order. 

What sofa cushion shapes can I restuff with foam?

Urban Foam can cut many different shapes of foam sofa cushions. We can help you revive your sectional sofa, patio furniture, loveseats and more with our custom-cut foam at a fraction of the price of reupholstering.

To see an extensive list of the foam shapes that we can cut, please browse our Custom Cut Foam page, select your shape, pick your foam grade and add your measurements!

What if I can't find my cushion shape in the online store?

We can create custom cushion shapes that are not seen in our catalogue. If you’d like a quote for a custom cushion shape that you don’t see on our website, please email your labelled drawing to and include your phone number so we can call if a consult is needed.

  • Please label tapered side(s), and always give the largest measurement for more accurate quotes.
  • Double-check the size to make sure the drawing reflects the EXACT SIZE AND SHAPE you want. Indicate on the drawing which side is the FRONT SIDES & TOP of your shape.
  • Some “Boat Mattresses” are comprised of three separate cushions. The small inner cushion is centered evenly between the other two. Three separate labelled drawings are required to fulfill this quote.