Custom cut foam in all shapes & sizes

Custom cut foam to fit your space

Save your sofa and reupholster your seating cushions with Urban Foam. Easily order the perfect cushion foam shape, size and density through our online store.

Quality sofa frames could last you an average of 20 years.

Upgrade your cushion foam today to make the most out of your furniture!

Order a new foam cushion from our online store in 3 easy steps:

1. Measure Your Cushion

Measure your desired cushion length, depth and width in inches.

2. Choose Your Shape

Click on the foam shape you're interested in from our selection of 25+ options of seat, back or specialty cushions.

3. Input Your Custom Details

Choose your perfect foam density from soft to extra firm from the drop-down menu. Not sure what density to choose? Check out our guide to compare features.

Input your cushion measurements in inches, and add your custom foam selection to your cart!

What Our Clients Say

Urban Foam helped us turn a vintage find into a personal treasure. Our "new" sofa looks great and feels super comfortable. Getting the foam cut to match our cushions was easy. Thanks!

Ashley and Kyle

Urban Foam has been proudly serving the Toronto area for 20+ years with custom cut foam for your seating cushions, mattresses and pillows.