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Not all Foam is created equal and certain grades perform better than others. We compare the quality of the different Foam grades supplied by our Canadian suppliers and only select the best quality for our customers. Foams that feel good and we can feel good about selling. 


  • Foam grades have a four-part number the first two numbers represent the density or the weight of the foam the second set of numbers represent the firmness or the feel of the foam. As a rule of thumb, the higher the numbers the higher the density and the firmer the foam.
  • The foam will feel softer when you sit on it as opposed to when you lay on it. This is due to the weight being concentrated in a smaller area verses distribution of weight over a larger surface. Choose firmness based on use, weight, and preference.
  • Keeping in mind that the thinner the foam the softer it will feel, in other words a 2” firm will feel softer than a 4” firm.  A 2” firm will feel softer when sitting on it and firmer when lying on it. Choose firmness based on application.

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